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GUTenberg: the French-speaking TeX users group

Publié le Monday 30 January 2012, by Jérémy Just, Le TeXnicien de surface, Maxime Chupin,

Dernière modification le 26 March 2022

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GUTenberg is an non-profit organization, created in 1988 by the community of French-speaking TeX users. For more than 30 years, GUTenberg has offered a web site and a mailing list where its members can:
 find help for installation on their computer,
 discuss the usage of TEX-LATEX and companions, the life of the association, typography...,
 read for free the archives of GUTenberg publications among which the Cahiers and the Lettre,
 take part in the creation of a French-speaking FAQ on a wiki,
 ask for training, suggest meetings...

Our association is involved in TeX software developments and adaptations contributing to TEXlive.

An elected board is in charge of its daily management but it is above all members which really animate the association, in particular via mailing lists.

Other GUTenberg productions...

 The Cahiers GUTenberg is the journal of the French-speaking user group, distributed to members and non-members. For long, it has been published twice year. Since 2012, the pace of publication has lowered down.

 A French-speaking FAQ is hosted on a webserver maintained by the association. This FAQ is an open wiki: anyone can register and contribute.

Contact us

Contact information for the French speaking TeX Users Group:
Association GUTenberg
c/o Les Tricolores
15, rue des Halles
F-75001 Paris

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