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We are currently organizing a bus from Poland to the conference location, mainly sponsored by NTG.

The bus will start in Poland on Saturday, March 5 and arrive in Pont-à-Mousson on Sunday, March 6 and depart for back travel on Friday, March 11. From the current status, the schedule is:

  • Bachotek: dep. Sat, 16h45
  • Torun (main railway station): arr. Sat, 17h50, dep. 18h00
  • Bydgoszcz (main bus station): arr. Sat, 18h45, dep. 19h00
  • Poznan (main railway station): arr. Sat, 20h40, dep. 21h00
  • Berlin (S-Bahnhof Flughafen Schönefeld/railway station of Schönefeld airport): arr. Sun, 01h15, dep. 02h00
  • Hannover (Hauptbahnhof, main railway station): arr. Sun, 05h30, dep. 05h45
  • Frankfurt/Main (Hauptbahnhof, main railway station — southern exit, crossing Mannheimer/Stuttgarter Str.): arr. Sun 10h15, dep. 10h30
  • Mannheim (Hauptbahnhof, main railway station): arr. Sun 11h50, dep. 12h00
  • Pont-à-Mousson: arr. Sun, 16h30

Passengers may have to pay a nominal fee for the travel.

If you are interested in travelling by EuroTeX bus please contact us by E-Mail to eurotex-bus-owner(at) at which stop you are interested in entering the bus. We will put your email address on a mailing list where we will keep you informed about the current status.

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