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15th Annual Meeting of the European TeX Users
EuroTeX 2005
March 7 - March 11, 2005, Abbaye des Prémontrés (Pont-à-Mousson, France)

News : All registered participants should have received an email with a summary of their data around Feb 6. If you registered for the conference and didn’t get a confirmation email, please send an email to the registration service at eurotex(at) asap.

EuroTeX 2005 will be a special one: we celebrate the

(= 16th) of both Dante and GUTenberg. EuroTeX 2005 will take place between Metz et Nancy in the Prémontrés Abbey of Pont-à-Mousson, in a facility where we can all be in one place. There will be talks and free workshops and more than enough opportunities to discuss and share experiences. The conference is also a great opportunity to meet the people who make it happen.

The theme of the conference will be:

Let’s TeX Together!

Possible topics include:

  • TeX, TeX extensions, tools
  • Macros and formats
  • Fonts: math fonts, opentype, etc.
  • Metapost, Metafont, Metafun, etc.
  • Typography and digital documents
  • Professional experiences with TeX

Invited speakers and regular speakers will give talks during the first part of the conference from Monday 7th to Wednesday 9th. Tutorials will be offered during the second part of the conference, Thursday 10th and Friday 11th. People are invited to submit original papers on any of the topics listed above or any other topic related to the main theme of the conference. The topics list above is by no way exhaustive.

Paper submissions, proposals for tutorials and remarks relating to the program of the meeting should be sent to the Program Committee mailing list eurotex2005-program(at) by September 1st, 2004. Important: because of the international audience, we expect submissions in English.

And last but not least… because 16 is a special number for computer scientists, we have good hope that the well known author of TeX, Donald E. Knuth be our special guest. We also hope to have Hermann Zapf, who has a special place in the TeX community as special guest.

We expect users and contributors from all over the world to attend the conference. We are currently working on the program, so feel free to submit topics, suggestions.

The organization committee hope that you will join us in Pont-à-Mousson.

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